label in the Flow Service Properties


I find a couple of services with “label” mentioned in the properties tab of the Flow Service. Also a comment “Don’t change the label(or name) of this node”

Could someone explain why such label is used and what is the advantage.


Ex: Outbound Service in the SAP Package(wm.PartnerMgr.gateway.transport.B2ButboundProcess) has a label TransportService
Bhavani Shankar

Two purpose of using Label are :
1> To identify a step within exit step, you can use label to specify the step from where you wish the control to exit from.
2> While using branch step, you can specify the pipeline variable in the label of branch step which can be used to take one of the alternate child flows, depending on the value of label of the child steps.

Hello Akash,
In the case mentioned, the Label is mentioned without any exit statements and the branch statements.

It only boils down to the case, that the java service OutboundService validates this value within inside.

In fact looking for more details, as this is not documented in the SAP Adapter.