KPI problem in Optimize 7.0

I am facing some problem with Key Performance Indiactors in Web Methods Optimize 7.0.


I have a business process configured in the 7.0 environment. I have written some KPI (Key performance Indicator)rules which needs to be triggerred the moment an instance of the business process runs.


The business process instance runs successfully ,logging the fields but The KPIs are not getting triggered even though the fields contain the exact value for which a KPI needs to get triggered.

I have created the KPIs following the steps mentioned in the documentation.


A process is configured in Wm Optimize 7.0 environment. There is a field called ‘account Indicator’ in the process. An event KPI is written that the moment any instance of the process runs with the account Indicator field as ‘I’ it should be notified as a problem.

The business process runs with the required data but no problem or notification is registered i.e KPI does not work as desired.

Please let me know if any vital check/step needs to be done to tie up the KPI with the business process.