KPI Presentation Support

1) KPIs that we are required to build are in multiple formats with drilldown capabilities e.g. Pie Chart, Bar Chart and Tabular Format for drilldown.

Issue: Currently Optimize only supports Line Graph for KPI representation. So is there anyway we can show our data in some other format?

2) Our KPI requirements are such that we need to have different types of dimensions e.g. Customer, Order, Warehouse etc…

Issue: x-dimension of a graph is always time based, so how can we see data based on combination of other dimensions e.g. Orders by Customer etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Adeel Javed

Hi Javed,

Kindly share the solution if you resolved the above issue

Thank you.

Well, what we did was, we developed out database using EventMaps of webMethods that gave us our star schema and then we used that as an input in an external BI solution. So our database was in webMethods and our presentation layer was in an external tool. Thanks.