Known issues for file Transformation in 6.01

Hi All,
I would like to know if there are any known bugs for file transformation in 6.01.Also the possible fixes. We are considreing to Upgrade to 6.5 . Will any of the bugs (for file transformation) be automatically resolved by the upgrade? Thanks in advance

As always, the best source of information about available fixes and upgrades is Advantage.

i searched on advantage but no relevant documentation found…Any pointers/documents in this regard will be of of great help…thanks

There have been hundreds (maybe thousands) of fixed made to IS between IS 6.01 and IS 6.5 SP2. The release notes for each new release cover these in detail. Perhaps if you are not able to find this information on Advantage, you should leave the upgrade to others.


As a matter of fact i am not doing the upgrade myself at all.I am completely new to webMethods.I was asked to do research on any known issues particular to file transformation.Maybe this forum is not for new users like me.

Your original query “known bugs for file transformation in 6.01” is too broad to be useful in any real sense. File transformation could mean almost anything related to a file. You’re asking whether there were any defects related to file handling since IS 6.01 was released a few years ago.

You might want to go back to the person who assigned you this task to ask for a bit of clarification. What would you do if someone magically gave you a list of 50 such defects? Is this somehow helpful?

IS 6.01 was a particularly poor release and, I believe, was only in the generally available (GA) state for a few months. IS 6.1 and IS 6.5 were much, much better quality wise.

So, in summary, your question is nearly impossible to answer and even if it were possible, the answer would not provide useful information with regard to the benefits of upgrading to IS 6.5.

You should upgrade because IS 6.01 is no longer supported and was a buggy release. End of story.


Thanks a lot mark…You are right…Meanwhile i have started to read about webMethods in detail.Hopefully i will get some hands on soon…