Knowing Service Pack level on Broker


Is there any way to know what Service Pack the Broker is running on w.r.t Webmethods 6.0.1 platform and considering that there is no access to the directory/folder on which the Broker is installed.

Sai Sekhar

The IS/Broker combination is IS6.x version,Check in the IS Adminconsole webpage of About section can give what service pack installed or else
in the IsServer:port/WmBrokerAdmin Home page of About section can give the details.



The About section on IS Adminconsole webpage provides the Service Pack level of Integration Server and the About section on IsServer:port/WmBrokerAdmin Home Page does not specify anything on the Service Pack level of the Broker.

Sai Sekhar

Sorry,Other than those locations i dont think we can see the information about installed Broker SP’s from AdminConsole.


The only thing I can see is that AFTER installing the SPs for Broker on 6.01, the following files are in the Broker Server Root Install Directory:


This is the only indication that the SPs have been applied as there is no UPDATE directory with JARS.



Hi All,

The version of Broker being used is 011204.
Can anyone let me know what is the Service Pack and Fix being used in the above version.
or is there any other way to get it.

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