Kafka jar files for connection.

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I would like to write my own java services for communicating with kafka.
Please let me know what all kafka jar files should I place in lib / jar folder of webMethods.

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which version of webMethods are you developing for?

If you are on a recent version you should check if Kafka Adapter might be an option.
You can check the Adapter System Requirements Guide for which jars are needed for Kafka Adapter, most likely you will need the same set of jars for your own development.


Here are the names of jars file that you would require to build custom java implementation and connect to Apache Kafka.


But as mentioned earlier, propose WmKafkaAdapter to your customer, explain to them the benefits and support they will get and try not reinventing the wheel if something that is already provided OOTB.

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Thank you for your guidance :slight_smile:
Currently we are using wM 9.9.
Client does not want to put money in licence.