JVMLK003 current thread not owner Exception


We are trying to migrate to webMethods 6.1
The configuration is webMethods 6.1 server on AIX 5.1 and JDK 1.4.1 from IBM
We are also using the weblogic jdbc driver to connect to a SQL Server 7.0 database.
When i start the server the database connectivity is fine and i am able to connect to the server. But after a while i get the following exception JVMLK003: current thread not owner when i try connecting to the same database.

Has anyone experience similar issues?

Any help is welcome


Hi !

I too have a issue such as JVMLK003. But this issue is on WebSphere 4.0.6 using JDK version 131.2003.7.8 with Oracle Gamad Phala, can you just give me what version of WebSphere server you are using else let me put it in this way that might be any problem with the Application Server.

I discussed with my architects. They say the issue might be an IBM JIT error.