JVM Process Climbing Until Crash

Load balancer, to two proxy servers, to IS running on NT.

JVM processing climbs in percentage and does not decrease. Eventually, it hits 99%, the task manager hangs and have to reboot the machine. Once the machine is reboot there are about 40 sessions opened up (out of the blue, guessing it is from the proxy server). Things run well again for about a day until the JVM climbs and crashes the system again… Repo size is about 20 MB and there seems to be several unecessary sessions. Any ideas experts?

which IS version are u on? My guess 4x6, make sure you are at SP3. Couple of bugs in session pileup we have seen here in our environment and have written scheduled services to cleanup sessions. Also depends what kind of integration code you are executing and if its cleaning up properly. GC sometimes doesn’t run on 4x6 try using a service that does cleanup more often.