WM8.2.2 IS restarting - Low JVM Heap Size

Hi Team,

Looking for some expert advice on a peculiar issue we have been facing since past few days.

System Configuration : Server 2003 x86, 6 GB RAM, dual core processors, etc.
WebMethod version in use : 8.2.2
We had set our JVM Heapsize values as :

set JAVA_MIN_MEM=1436M
set JAVA_MAX_MEM=1536M

rem set JAVA_MAX_DIRECT_SIZE=-XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=128M

I am aware of that Windows x86 servers have a limitation of allocating a max of 2 Gb virtual memory for a process. Here, we never could do that, max we could allocate was 1.5 Gb ( We do not have any other user applications installed on these servers).

Now, the performance of the IS has deteriorated, the IS sometimes restarts when the load is high.

After some recent microsoft system patches, we had to reduce the JVM to MIN=1236, MAX=1336. Any value higher than this, we could not restart the SAG WM8 services.
Playing with Xms or Xmx is no more possible…

What could be the solution here? Obviously moving to a 64-bit server is a solution, but that’s a lengthy process. ( A 64-bit server can allocate theoretically upto 4 Gb virtual memory and if the process is also a 64-bit process, than it is theoretically upto 1 Tb Virtul memory allocation).


Should the JVM be upgraded here?

Currently we have the default : jvm160_32 installed on the server. Will upgrading to the latest JVM version help in such cases?

Are there any other solutions possible here?

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