IS 4.0.2 default JVM is chrashing on Win2K

I just wondered if someone already experienced this issue and has been able to fix or work around it. I am running IBM JVM 1.3.0, the one comes with IS 4.0.2. This JVM has been running like rock in PRODUCTION environment for months but is now crashing once a day or so for last few days. Further it is nor dumping any core neither WM is logging anything in its log files. H/W resources are adequate (2way machine w/ 2 gig) for IS. Load on IS does not seem to be a factor as transaction volume is almost half these days as compared to past. Response from WM support is painfully slow, though I did not contact them yet.

All quick ideas, tips are appreciated.

Thanx in advance,

This may or may not apply to your situation. We found when running IS as an NT service that it would crash whenever someone logged off the server’s console. To fix this we added the -Xrs parameter to the Java run statement in [IS_Install]\bin\server.bat (i.e. “set JAVA_RUN=%JAVA_EXE% -Xrs %JAVA_MEMSET%”).

The -Xrs parameters tells Java to ignore operating system signals such as the signal that the console is closing.