jvm pid identification jstat or jvstat heap monitoring for MWS under Windows

Dear All,

I am trying to monitor the heap(Garbage Collection) of MWS’s JVM.

Under Solaris I do it successfully by this way:
/webMethodsInstallDir/jvm/sol150/jstat -gcutil
where is successfully identified by:
ps -A | grep java
or by:
/webMethodsInstallDir/jvm/sol150/jps -l

Under Windows I tried using:
C:\webMethodsInstallDir\jvm\win150\bin\jstat -gcutil
where is taken from the Windows Task Manager for the process java.exe that appears after the MWS start…
but I get:
not found

I tried also:
C:\webMethodsInstallDir\jvm\win150\bin\jps -l
but I got only the jps pid…

Does anyone know why the jstat can not find the JVM PID on Windows platform?

Thanks a lot,

I’m also trying to get jps to identify the process id of my jvm but it isn’t showing up. Did you have any luck with this?

FYI- I was able to get this work using remote desktop connection while logging in as the same user that the process is running under. If you connect via the cmd prompt using the mstsc.exe /admin /v:SERVERNAME, then you can run jps and see the process id of the jvm process.