Just learning XQuery

Hi! I’m just starting to learn XQuery. I have a copy of “Early Adopter XQuery”, but none of the examples seem to work in Quip. Has the syntax changed so much that the book is completely out-of-date already? Can anyone suggest any other books that would be more compatible with Quip? I found references to a couple of other books, but they’re not published yet.


The Wrox “Early Adopter” book was written nearly two years ago and the language has changed considerably since then. QuiP implements a draft of the language which is itself now a year old, so neither the book nor the product are up to date. The central ideas of the language have been stable during this time, but there have been numerous small changes to the syntax and semantics.

Until we get a spec that is at W3C Recommendation status, or at very least “Candidate Recommendation”, you have to assume that you are on shifting sands. There is a good chance that the subset we have implemented in Tamino 4.1 is now reasonably stable, but even with that subset, there have already been small changes, which means we will eventually have to provide a transition route to the final language when it is ratified.

Michael Kay