Junk Characters returned when invoking a rest service in webMethods 8.2

Hello All,

We have a webMethods 8.2 instance from which we are invoking a JSON based REST service hosted in webMethods 9.7.
The issue that was being faced was that around 8-10 hits to REST service fail and the JSON(converted to string) output returned contains junk characters, something like “ ”.

For no other applications hitting 9.7 REST service, this error was happening. So we realised, it is not webMethods 9.7 issue.

After quite a lot of debugging and some effort, we managed to fix the issue by reducing the over-all size of pipeline data in webMethods 8.2.

However, I do not have a valid explanation of such an issue happening due to large pipeline data and have not been able to find anything in any other forums.

I would like to know if anyone has faced a similar issue or can help understand why IS could behave like mentioned above.