JUNIT to implement unit test on WebMethods Flow service

Hi to all

I test flow services that have complexe docTypes as input, with nested structures…

I have created a Java Client for my tests, and it works properly.
But I face difficulties when I have to initiate complexe dataType as input of my tested services.

For simple input I do like this :
Object [][] iDataRaw = new Object[1][2];
iDataRaw[0][0] = “IN”;
iDataRaw[0][1] = “hello”;
IData inputPipeline = IDataFactory.create(iDataRaw);

But when I have as input docType, with nested structure inside, it becomes to heavy to do like this…

Do you know if it is possible to initiate my test Pipeline directly from an already saved pipeline files in WM ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

Best regards,

i don’t much deeper about your frame work

Once we did for the same senorio is create service that resote pipe line and publish the document to broker

create a subscription trigger for the document to desired service

but,i belive this need a little change to be done to your interface is to add map step which maps data from your publisable document to input document.

Let me know if it helps you or not?


This debug can be possible only thru Flow Service not via Java Service utilizing the existing saved pipeline etc…and introspection.