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How to send the Jsp page data to webMethods.


I believe when you say ‘Send the JSP page data to webMethods’ you mean that you want to invoke a webMethods service through a jsp and submit to that service the data in that jsp. As long as you are not looking towards sending binary data, all you need to do in your jsp is to name the input objects same as the inputs of the webMethods service that you want to invoke. To give you a simple example, let us say that you have a webMethods service that takes as an input a string variable called name and writes the value of name to the server log, here’s what your jsp/html should minimally contain (check the attachment)

Calling WebM service from a JSP
CallWmServFrmJsp.txt (0.3 k)

Remember, calling the webMethods service on the submit of the jsp would prompt you for the userId/Password for the webMethods. Also, there are a lot of other security considerations that must be taken into account. But I guess this should be enough to get you started.
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your solution is very use full to.

I have one more question i.e where we put this jsp page and run ? in webMethods or any specefic place? How we run this Jsp page?

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place ur jsp files under ur PackageName.Web folder


Your jsp would be hosted by your Web application and your Web application would be deployed in a Web Server, e.g. Tomcat (as you would already know). If you want to deploy your Web application in the webMethods Integration Server, you may do so too. However, you will need to have WmTomcat package installed and enabled on your webM IS. Thereafter, as Muneer mentioned, you can place your application as a war file or as individual files in the web folder of the package that you want to use for your application. For more information on this, you may want to read the JSP Developer Guide.

HTH, Rohit