Joining Two Doctypes in view.jsp

Hi Folks,

i created an application with x-application 3.1.1 based on the Doctype /infosatz (with customer details) and everything is fine. Afterwards i added a second Doctype /bilder with images in the same collection /kundeninfo. Now i want to get the image dependend on a value in my customer-details-record.

the following example works:

/kundeninfo/infosatz/logo e.g. 4501.gif
/kundeninfo/bilder/4501.gif exists.

<td …><bdm:display select="/infosatz/logo">Logo nicht verfügbar</bdm:display>

But because of the hardcoded path to the tamino-database / Doctype this works only on my local pc. If i try to access the application from another pc the logo-image is not displayed (makes sense!).

But how can i join these two Doctypes without using hardcoded links.

These examples doesn’t work:

Logo nicht verfügbar</bdm:display> …

Logo nicht verfügbar</bdm:display> …

Do i have to modify any configurationfile ? I already modified web.xml by adding the following lines:



But this seems not to be enough.

Any hint what i can do ?

Thanks in advance.


X-Application Version: 3.1.1
Tamino Version : 3.1.1
Platform : Win2k
WebContainer : Tomcat 3.3
JDK Version : 1.3.1

Hello Dirk,

I’m not sure if it will work and made no trial, but perhaps it could help you.

When you plug-in Tomcat into the HTTP-server (apache) which forwards the requests to the Tamino server, all requests which does not specify another server, should go to this server.

When your JSP page contains a link like


it should be delegated to this server and will be forwarded to Tamino.

This will only work if JSP pages (Tomcat) and Tamino content (Tamino Server) are maintained by the same HTTP-server. Otherwise when you use Tomcat with port 8080 for JSP page requests, absolute and relative path within the pages would be delegated to the Tomcat server.

I don’t know how match work it is to plug-in Tomcat into Apache. If you have problems with this step and do not find solutions in the web and mailing lists, post it to the community. I think there are people who can explain it to you.


You can replace http://localhost/…. with http://machinename/…. and I was successful when accessing from another machine. While this may not be a terrific workaround, it is simple.

X-Application: 3.1.1
Tamino: 3.1.1
Platform: Win2K
Container: Tomcat 3.3
JDK: 1.3.1

Hi everyone!

I am having a problem when trying to use two doctypes in my application.
When I change web.xml file the second doctype is not considered.
The error message I receive is
"Exception error message: <exception when creating query NestedException: collection for the doctype ‘Credenciamento’ is not registered.>"

In web.xml I put the following lines:



1. X-Application Version 3.1.1
2. Tamino Version
3. Platform Windows 2k
4. WebContainer Apache 1.3.22
5. JDK Version 1.3.1_02

Can anybody help me?

Kind regards and thanks in advance

Monica Fernandes

Hello Monica,

you must define a pair Collection and Doctype:





The collections your_collection1 and your_collection2 may be the same, depends on your application.

Have a look at the web.xml file of the simple examples.


Here, the two doctypes ‘Property’ and ‘patient’ are registered for the collection you defined within your env.cmd file.


Hello Christian!

It is now working!

Thanks very much for your help!