JNDI connection issue - file getting corrupted

Hi All,

In UM 9.12, we came across a unique issue where all triggers were disabled with below exception and when i try to enable again its failed with error.

Error Details :

com.wm.app.b2b.server.jms.JMSSubsystemException: [ISS.0134.9016] Error creating connection factory: javax.naming.NamingException: Internal lookup failed for name=local_um [Root exception is javax.naming.NamingException: Name not found during lookup for local_um]

Then based on analysis, we replaced channels.nst file from backup and restarted server, then it started working.

what may be the reason for channels.nst file getting corrupted ?

Deepak N

Hi Deepak,

I have faced similar issue but in my case, the Admin JAR files got corrupted.

It happened a couple of times for me:

  1. I was applying IS Core Fix and UM was up and running and after booting up IS, I noticed this issue.
  2. There were unplanned box restarts.

So Basically, the files get corrupted in these two cases most of the times.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Thanks Syed,

In my case, we didn’t had any downtime nor we were applying product fix.

a day before we had code deployment from lower environment and it was working before that.

Not sure how file would have corrupted ?



When this happened did any channels appear on the realm in Enterprise Manager? This message would seem to indicate the stores aren’t present.

This could either be due to some unusual corruption due to ungraceful shutdown (a message would be present in the logs at startup). Or if the channels were manually or programatically deleted.

Was the local_um JNDI entry in the naming/defaultContext channel? This may have been removed or edited?



As per my knowledge, the JNDI connection factory was deleted “local_um” or it was never created, can you check the logs if you have enabled the security logs for UM to see the trace of this particular CF.