JMS Properties in an MQ Message

We are struggling with getting a message onto MQ in the correct format that the JMS app that retrieves it is expecting it to be in…ie its a Bytesmessage as opposed to a Text message.
Does anyone know which property(or if there is one) we can manipulate to get this converted?
Also does anyone know where in webM the following properties can be manipulated?

Additional Properties:
JMS_IBM_PutDate = 20061206
JMSXAppID = Websphere MQ Client for Java
JMS_IBM_PutApplType = 28
JMS_IBM_Format = TE_CR
JMSXUserID = xworld
JMS_IBM_MsgType = 8
JMS_IBM_PutTime = 13394353
JMSXDeliveryCount = 0]
These are on a message that is being created by Crossworlds(which is what we are replacing)
Any help with this would be appreciated…

If you are using the webMethods WebSphere MQ Adapter (we use v6.0), you can set the JMS properties (as well as the MQMD values) when you configure a Put service in the Developer.