JMS Message For CSQ

Hello Team

Could you please confirm, the useCSQ=True in the pub.jms:send() service, only moves the PERSISTENT JMS messages(deliveryMode=‘Persistent’) to client side queue? Or, it moves all the JMS messages to client side queue on unavailability of the JMS provider?


Hi Sasanka ,

You can try it yourself .

Disable the JMSConnectionAlias
Before sending the Messages to the JMSDestination , make sure the CSQ Count of the JMS ConnectionAlias is zero.
Send some NonPersistent messages to the JMS Destination and see if the CSQ gets filled up.

Thanks Rakesh.

Hi Rakesh

Any idea which API should we use to get the CSQ depth?


There are private API services in WmRoot already, else you must look check Java API Broker or UM depending your messaging provider.