JMS Message Filter Using UM

Hello Team,

Could you please guide what is the syntax should i use to filter the messages at JMS provider level ( Universal Messaging) using Message Selector?

I tried this in the Local Filter: %header/JMSType%=“abc”, its working, but the same is not working in Message Selector?

Please guide.


Please use JMSType=‘abc’

JMS selector works on JMSHeader and JMS Properties.

Thanks Rakesh for a quick reply.

But seems the syntax JMSType=“abc” is not evaluating the messages, I am not able to receive any message from when the MessageSelector is set to JMSType=“abc”.

Could you please guide what is missing?


Please use JMSType=‘abc’[use single quotes as used in sql queries(A message selector is a String whose syntax is based on a subset of the SQL92 conditional expression syntax.)] , I have updated my previous response as well.

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Thanks Rakesh for your quick help…Its working now.