using query filters through a servlet

We’re having problems filtering our queries using a servlet.

We’re using Tamino and Tomcat 4.0.1 on different ports.

This query works:

But this one doesn’t:[head~=‘Earth’]&source=

However, it works using the Tamino Interactive Interface and when we do it this way:[head~=‘Earth’]

So it has to be something with the servlet. Does anyone know what the problem is, and if there’s a workaround?


Maybe you could tell us what the error is? Btw what is this servlet - where has it come from?

It just says “No message received.”

I’m using a servlet that I got from a support guy at Tamino - not one they generally distribute, as far as I know. We were very excited to get it working, but not being able to filter our searches is obviously going to be a problem.

I would suggest contacting the person who provided you with the servlet as it seems like the queries are ok; and so the problem therefore must be coming from the servlet itself.

Debugging errors in servlets can be a nightmare, but when someone just tells you “it doesn’t work”, it’s completely impossible. In what way doesn’t it work? What do you see on the screen, what do you see in the Tomcat log files? What does the un-transformed Tamino result document look like, and what is in your stylesheet?

Michael Kay

This may be solved by URL-encoding the brackets: replace [ by %5B
and ] by %5D