JMS connection is getting disabled frequently for Universal messaging

Integration Server JMS connection which is connecting to Universal messaging is getting disconnected/ disabled very frequently in case of load. To explain it further, we got installation of Integration Server and Universal messaging, we have 8 installation like this hosted on Linux VM. All these IS are in single cluster and same goes true with UM realms, all the realms are in a UM cluster.

Now I am not sure as what goes wrong in case of the transaction increases, even having 8 realms in cluster the JMS connection keep getting disabled momentary. This only happens in case of substantial load.

What all I need to look into or change it to insure the connection to UM do not get disabled ?

Thanks in advance for your help!

What is your IS version assuming 9.6 or up?

Also such issues can be troubleshooted raising a ticket with SAG tech support and so they can peek your env configuration settings etc…and better advise


Hi Manish,

Did you get this resolved? If yes, Could you please share how it was resolved?

I am also facing almost the exact issue of disconnection.