JMS configuration in a clustered IS

I do not find documentation to understand how to do the following:
We have a clustered Integration Server which connects to a websphere mq JMS provider. How can I configure to make sure that in a clustered environment the messages from the JMS queue is only processed by 1 IS in the cluster. And how should load balancing over the different IS’s in the cluster be configured ?

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each IS should have a JMS Listener to the queue with 1 processing thread (instead of the default of 10).
Load Balancing should be done in IS internally.

I suggest to place UM (or Broker) as an intermediate Message Bus.
When the Message is retrieved from MQ publish it your messaging system and acknowledge it against MQ asap.
After that retrieve it from your messaging system and procss it.

After the message has been acknowledged on MQ it is no longer available for the other cluster members.