Jks keystore installation and dsp


I’m new with dsp and jks certificate installation. I would like to have an idea on how to install different type of certificates into the jks file(CA, auth and AS2).

Also if there are any samples of dsp would be really appreciated.

Thank you

For general prep info on certs/jks file using keytool, you can refer the steps from this site-url at your convenience.


This can be done using the keytool provided by Java, found in the bin directory of your Java installation. Navigate to this directory on your machine using the command line (this is not needed if Java bin directory is contained in your PATH variable), then execute the following command to create a keystore file:

**keytool -genkey -alias replserver -keyalg RSA -keystore keystore.jks**

You will be prompted to create two passwords. Remember these and fill them in the configuration later on (parameters: keystore.password, keystore.keyPassword ). The command creates a .jks file in the directory called keystore.jks.


hi RMG, thanks

may I know if there’s also a document related to webMethods integration associated with dsp and jks keystore.


Please have a look at the Empower or TechCommunity documentation section, you will find a DSP and Templates Development Guide there.

DSP and JKS are not directly related to each other.
Keystore and Truststore handling should be described in the IS Administrators Guide.


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