JDO implementation

Hi there.

Has anyone ever had a look at the JDO specification (JSR 12)?

It represents the API we have always waited for: Object driven, without any assumptions that there might be tables and sql (such as JDBC).

In case we have a Tamino based JDO implementation, we suddenly are able to port any application compliant to JDO from their (most probaly) relational database to our hierarchical database without changes in the application.

So what are we waiting for?


Hi Hiran,

the main reason that we have not implemented JDO for Tamino yet is that there has been no concrete case requiring it.
Everyone agrees that it sounds ideal, but no one has actually come forward and said “I have a JDO application here that I want to run with Tamino”.

Unless you are that first person…? :wink:


Hi, Ford.

How about "I need to create an application, which uses a persistence layer. After evaluating several implementations we come to the conclusion that JDO is the ideal API."

In this project we plan using JDO as persistence API. Does this suffice?


Hi Hiran,

that is certainly enough for us to re-examine the priority currently assigned to a JDO implementation.

Could you please provide some details on your project for use in the discussion?
(You can e-mail them directly to me if you prefer.)