jdk and ojdbc compatibility with Oracle 12c for webMethods 9.6 and it adapter service

Hi Team,
We are planning to upgrade Oracle Database from version 11 to 12c.
As mentioned in Oracle’s documentation, we need to update ojdbc driver to support 12c.
We are using jdk7 and ojdbc6.jar.

Below link is for the details.

Just in case we don’t upgrade ojdbc version on webMethods boxes and Oracle DBs get upgraded to 12C, how would the calls from jdbc adapters on webMethods servers will be affected ?

For Oracle 12c support the odbc driver needs to be updated manually and I would recommend you to have the appropriate ojdbc jars installed on your IS in order to prevent unexpected behaviour of Adapter services.

Also have a look at “webMethods Adapters System Requirements” and “Software AG System Requirements”. Also taking a prior consultation from SAG support will give you more details as they might be aware of issues on not updating the jars w.r.t to Oracle 12c. For your information we are on Oracle 12c with latest jars installed.

Hi Vijay,

for Oracle 12c there is also an ojdbc7.jar available which will only work when running with Java 7 or newer.
This one was been introduced with Oracle 12c.

The Jars can be downloaded from Oracles download section which requires a free registration.