JDE WorldOne B2B Adapter Inbound Transaction

Hi All
I am new to JDE World One B2B Adapter. I have some Questions for Inbound Transactions. We are getting Xcbl Invoice and I mapped this xml direct to F47 tables. Then I created one inbound transaction service on these F47 tables. I am not at all using the pre defined transactions in B2B Adapter.

Is this the right approach to insert data in F47 tables?
Do I need to use predefined transactions?

Anybody have any experience on JDE World one B2B Adapter please Advice.


Hi Green ,Rupinder and Rob
I posted JDE question few days back but did not get any suggestion so far. I know you guy are good in wm. Hope will give me some suggestions.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with JDE OW or the adapter so can’t provide meaningful comment.