JDE World Peoplesoft World Integration


Appreciate your input here.

I am assigned for a project to integrate JD Edwards World (Peoplesoft World) Sales Order Management, Procurement and Inventory Management with SAP WM. From JDE Perspectives, SAP WM will behave as a best-of-breed WMS.

Need to provide some development estimates to the Project Manager next week.

The version of JDE is V7.3 (the iSeries - AS/400 based JDE)


  1. The Peoplesoft One Enterprise Adapter, if I am correct, is for
    JDE One World (the client-server based product).

    Does anyone has experience using webMethods 6.0.1 / 6.1 to integrate
    with JDE World. Using what adapters. I read about using
    the JDBC Adapter to directly read/write to Z* tables ??. Is that the
    only way. Does JDE World has any middleware that can generate XML
    for integration ?

    Disclaimer : Sorry, I have no experience in JDE World

  2. I have many years experiences in SAP and weBMethods. So I have a good
    idea about the business flow required for Sales Order / Procurement / Inventory Manager to WMS from a SAP perspective.

If anyone has experience integrating JDE World to a third-party WMS, appreciate if you can share the experience here

  1. a brief overview of the transactions/flow that are supported by JDE World
  2. a rough idea of development effort required per transaction.
    For example, it takes 5 days to interface a WMS-Trigger Goods Receipts transaction to post to JDE
  3. Any other advices/issues/learning experiences

Thanks a lot in advance