JDBCConnectionManager.getConnPool documentation


We have a java service that gather some information about IS own JDBC pool using JDBCConnectionManager.getConnPool().

I would like to improve a bit my monitoring, but I wasn’t able to find out any documentation about this API.

  • Where can I find it ?
  • Is the same mechanism for ports ?
    I’ll like to track all the ports activities because we’re facing strong connectivity problems as IS (high) loading.
    The problem is under qualification (network, Firewall, …) but I definitively to track deeper IS figures.



Have you tried to explore if OFI could be usefull for you?

Hi Amar,

What is OFI ? Any webpage for that ?



OFI – Optimize for infrastructure… yes you can achive your goals by configure to monitor the jdbc connections there.

Yes, I know this product (and we are currently evaluating).

But I build also my own monitoring tool (JAVA + Flow + PHP) that provided some added values vs Optimize and even if we’ll install optimize, I would like to keep this tool running.

It’s why I would like to know where I can found the documentation of related API.
I would like also to know if it’s possible to query WmOptimize or Wm*DC services directly w/o going thru Optimized … in order to keep the things simple :proud: