JDBC to Progress DB

Hello, I am attempting to configure a JDBC adapter within webMethods which will connect to our Progress DB (v9.1D). We have purchased the JDBC driver for Progress and the JAR files have been copied to the integration server. Our Integration server is running HPUX. Our Progress DB is running on a different machine under Win 2k server.

Here are the adapter settings
Data Source Class: com.progress.sql.jdbcx.datasource.JdbcProgressDataSource
Server name: hercules.qwinc.com
User: est
Pass: ******
Pass Retype: ******
Db Name: gams1
Port Number: 2710
network Protocol:
Other Prop:
Enable connection pooling: True
Min Pool Size: 1
Max Pool Size: 10
Pool Increment: 1
Block Timeout: 1000
Expire Timeout: 1000
Startup Retry Count: 0
Startup backoff timeout: 10

when I try to enable this adapter I get the following message in the WM Adapter Connections Window.

[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource Hagen:reports1.
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection):Unable to configure connection manager. null

Any Help or suggestions??? :confused:
The Progress Data base parameters like username/pass, dbname, server and port have all been verified outside of webMethods…

I feel your pain. I did what you are trying to do with disappointing results. I used the same driver you list and actually got it enabled (I believe I had to use the ID of the DB owner to get it working) and there has to be a separate DB broker running on your database server machine to manage JDBC connections. Even at that most of the feature set that goes along with the wM JDBC Adapter was unavailable/non-functional: adapter services and notifications, for example. When I contacted DataDirect, the leading provider of JDBC drivers and actually owned by Progress Software (!) they suggested trying a JDBC-ODBC bridge, believe it or not. Not wanting to bring in yet more moving parts to this already unstable configuration (exceptions thrown by the adapter would actually bring down the IS) I switched to the deprecated wmDB services. Those work OK but there was plenty of pain there, also. Because there was no way, for example, to control the transaction isolation level from the built-in services, I was starting a transaction every time I connected to the DB. I ended up coding all my interactions with the Progress DBs entirely in Java using the java.sql classes. I hope you have better luck than I did. I made a post similar to yours a year or so ago without getting any takers but maybe someone else out there has come up with a solution since then. HTH,


When you enable a resource and the returned error is a class name or null, generally the class is incorrect. Use WmDB to test this. It returns the more gentle message “no suitable driver”.

We just continued testing all potential driver classes and got the JDBC adapter working with Progress 10 with class: com.ddtek.jdbcx.openedge.OpenEdgeDataSource

You need the pool.jar, base.jar, spy.jar, util.jar and openedge.jar files in your IS classpath.

Have not extensively tested it, but initial queries work fine.

Hope you will solve your problems soon :wink:

can nyonee tell me where to fing pool.jar, base.jar, spy.jar, util.jar and openedge.jar? I have QAD/progress installation folder in a server, but I can’t find those jars in there.