JDBC Server Sending RACF Userid/Password to SQL Gateway

Our JDBC Server is running on Windows talking to SQL Gateway running on z/OS. All of our SQL queries required that the JDBC server passed along a RACF Userid/Password to the mainframe for authentication against RACF.

I like to know how the password information is passed to the SQL Gateway. Is the password passed as clear text to the SQL Gateway component? We have encrypt = 0. If not then please explain.


The userid and password are encrypted when transmitted via TCP/IP. the encrypt setting controls whether all data is encrypted instead of just the login credentials.


This is a great relief for us. We appreciate your sensitivity towards protecting such a valuable piece of data.

BTW, CONNX continues to work wonderful for us in production with very little maintenance. We have 5 mission-critical systems relying on this technology with 99% up time. All queries are optimized hence no performance issue.



Thank you for sharing that, and I am glad things are working well for you. Typically I only interact with customers that have problems that need resolution, so it is good to see the other side on occasion :slight_smile: