Hello, i am treating my Excel file as a database and i have created a DSN for it in Administrative tools (Data Sources). I have written a custom java program for running select and insert SQL commands on the Excel Database. These java programs are working fine.

But i want to know whether i can use JDBC adapter directly to acces the same Excel Database. If yes let me know the configurations. If no then which is the right adapter to use in this case.

Thanx in advance.


The adapter to use would be WmDB Adapter. You can install this via the webMethods Installer, it is applicable for IS 4.x and 6.x.

The JDBC-ODBC bridge isn’t a great option for production systems, I believe it has issues in multi-threaded environments [such as Integration Server]. I would check the limitations on Sun’s site.

There are Java libraries out there that let you work with Excel files directly [eg. Apache POI-HSSF].


Hi James, thanx for ur reply. First of all i have come across such Java Libraries which all us to work with Excel files. But most of such libraries operate on a Cell by Cell basis and they dont allow us to use SQL queries on them.

I was interested in JDBC-ODBC bridge as it allows SQL query and why i was asking for an adapter is, so that i dont have to write java programs for each Excel file to read. I wanted a generic adapter service which will allow me to work with any Excel file and which supports all SQL commands.
Let me know if u have any insight on this and also i would like more information on the multithreading issue u talked about.

As u said i will try out the WmDB adapter.
Thanx again.

I use the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC bridge to access an MS Access DB using the WmDB package from an AIX system. But I dont know if Excel is also supported. May be you should check or ask at www.easysoft.com