JDBC Notification enabling and suspending

Hi Experts,

On certain conditions we have to suspend JDBC notification automatically and enable the the notification automatically by using wmART package services. Checking if notification is enabled then trying to suspend and getting the status to check status is updated as expected or not. if not again repeating the same steps till the suspended. Service pub.art.notification:queryPollingNotificationState is returning status as suspended but in IS console still it is showing as enabled and running as per the schedule.

Any suggestion to fix this issue?

JDBC Adapter webpage uses the same WmART services that you are trying to execute. I don’t see why the change won’t reflect (if service execution was successful) via service execution vs webpage execution.

  • Have you refreshed your webpage?
  • Was the service executed on the same server where you see it running after suspending it?
  • Are there any errors in the logs (increase the logging level for JDBC Adapter), after you execute the service?


Hi Mahesh,

please provide your IS version, JDBC Adapter version together with the Fixes applied to IS, ART and JDBC Adapter.


thanks my issue has been fixed.

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Hi Jacky,

in this case please provide your solution here as this might be helpful to others.


Hi Holger,

IS - 10.5. JDBC adapter 10.3 and my issue was not fixed.

Hi Jacky, are you also facing same issue? if it is fixed can you please explain ?

Hi Mahesh,

are there any Fixes applied to your IS, WmART and JDBC Adapter?


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