JDBC for Flat File?

It’s easy to access Database through JDBC connection, but my question is, can wM access physical Flat File (CSV) through JDBC?

It’s not uncommon to use JDBC driver to access CSV, as you may find lots of 3rd party vendor products doing this. But I haven’t seen anything in wM yet.

I have a CSV file in C:\ drive, and I need to insert it to my SQL Server database. I have to use pub.file:getFile to read the disk file, then convert it to String, then convert the string to stringList with one record per item, then loop through each record, then assign values for each fields and map it to my Insert Data Adapter input fields… Some people may suggest FF schema, but that does not simplify the process at all.

If we have the ability to read FF (CSV for example) through JDBC, life will be so much easier! All I need to do is to map the fields from FF data adapter output to those in Insert data adapter inputs…


The JDBC adapter can be used only if a resource has basic attributes of database.
e.g. AS400 is a file system, but can be accessed through JDBC adapter because there is a journaling process which will wrap the library/file as a database. Also the JDBC driver CSV is not available. wM is not writing JDBC drivers. The product/tird party vendor needs to release a driver to use CSV. Then wm folks will come and say they are suporting this through their JDBC adapter. There are just thoughts, open for a discussion.

The Flat File Adapter is specifically designed to read CSV (and more complex) flat file types.

Thanks for all your input. Pardon my ignorance, but I did not know a Flat File Adapter exists in wM. Could you tell me where/how to get it? Any documentation goes with it?


Flat file is not an adapter in IS. It is a package with set of services. It is called WmFlatFile which can be installed using the wminstaller and a manual available to use it.

It used to be an adapter…but now its wrapped up in the default installation of WM. WmFlatFile and WmFlatFileSamples. If you selected installation of the documentation, it should be in the doc directory, but here is a link:

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