JDBC explicit transaction not working

Using JDBC Adapter 6.03. I have a flow service (A) which calls services B and C. Each of the three flow services use adapter services built over the same connection . When the transaction type of the JDBC Adapter connection is set to LOCAL_TRANSACTION, if an error occurs which causes a rollback, it will cause the connection to hang. Sometimes the IS must be restarted in order to restore the connection. I have explicit start/commit/rollback transaction statements. Each service uses a unique transaction name, as well, for the transactions within it. Various error messages occur, depending on where in the code the failure occurs. Such as:

[ART.117.4019] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Error while rolling back transaction Error:[ART.117.4015] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Error(s) occurred while closing adapter connections. [ART.117.4015] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Error(s) occurred while closing adapter connections…

[SCC.0121.0026E] delisted transaction commit failed: javax.transaction.RollbackException: Already marked for rollback xid = webmt21.ho.rollinscorp.com/1083777796470

com.wm.pkg.art.error.DetailedServiceException: [ART.117.4036] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to rollback transaction. Transaction state:Transaction is marked for rollback .

START/COMMIT/ROLLBACK sequences are constructed like this:

start transaction
sequence (exit on success)
sequence (exit on failure)
commit transaction
sequence (exit on done)
rollback transaction


What was the result of this? Were you able to determine the cause? We are seeing the same issue sporatically between NO Transactions and Local Transaction. Also seeing it not only for Oracle but also SQL Server.

Your reply is appreciated.



See this link if it helps,especially chris lynch comments on