JDBC Driver

anybody has idea abt which type of JDBC driver would usually be expected to give the best performance?

Hi Nasir,
I hope my past posts have been a help. JDBC drivers are defined by class. The best performance is offered by Type 4 drivers. These are 100% java.

Jim Palmer

Am I correct? JDBC driver for EI is not supported with Oracle9i on Windows NT.

I think you are right Tin. It supports 8.0,8i and 9.0…

Narenda, I was actually wrong. It does support 9i on HP . My problem was that I needed to use the Oracle adapter rather then a JDBC adapter because the configured ops and scripted ops were written based off of the Oracle adapter.

Tin, but in the documentation it was mentioned that it supports till 9.0… What version of webmethods you are using?