JDBC Driver to connect to IBM-Unidata Database [NOT SUPPORTED BY WM]


I am having a problem in connecting with Unidata database using JDBC. I am working with couple of Jar files which none of them are helpful in enabling the connection. Can any have any information, how to connect to the above said one…


Why not share with us, the names of the jar files and driver class names that you think don’t work?

Hi Mark,

Since i didn’t get exact Unidatabase drivers , i tried using the jars that belongs to informix database which is also an IBM product. The Informix database jars i used are as follows: ifxjdbc,ifxjdbc-g,ifxjdbcx–etc.


Did you Google “IBM unidata jdbc driver”? If so you might find something relevant. Oracle owns some of the MySQL software nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you can use the MySQL JDBC driver to access Oracle.

[SIZE=2]i just went through the document, it is giving information about the Data source.I am looking for the concerned .jar files to connect to the database, as mentioned in the document we need to have uniJDBC.jar to establish. Can anyone have information about that?


Database drivers come from the vendor of the database. Get with your client’s DBA for assistance.

Thanks a lot!

Could you share the jar file name and driver class name that worked for you?


webMethods do not support IBM Unidata Database.So, we closed this issue and implementing through different approach.

webMethods may not support this particular database via the JDBC Adapter, but you may still be able to use WmDB.