JDBC Connector - SQL Server 2016 Named Pipes

Hi All,

Trying to create a JDBC connection to SQL Server 2016. We use Named Pipes on a few of our hosts. ie. localhost\SQLDEV02
I cannot see anywhere to configure the sql instance name in the JDBC connection details page???
Have tried adding it to the serverName field after the host with no luck either.

The connection works fine on SQL servers that dont have named pipes. Even used it to connect to Azure SQL with no issues.

Googled the death out of this. Found plenty of examples of webMethods JDBC connections to SQL server that dont use named pipes. Doesnt anyone use named pipes these days?

Thanks =)

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Ok have found the solution so here it is.

Am using the MS SQL JDBC 4.2 driver.
In the other properties field you can specify the JDBC Connection String instead of filling out the serverName field on the form.

Example of string i used to connect to SQL 2016 using a named instance:

I believe you can also specify integratedSecurity=true in the connection string if you dont want to use mixed mode authentication.

Hope this helps anyone who runs into the same problem =)

I am able to connect with above connection string provided however records are not fetching.

Are you able to fetch records as well??