JDBC adp and CONNX

Has someone configured a jdbc adapter connection to a legacy database using CONNX ? I was able to connect using WmDB but not with the JDBC adapter.


How have you attempted to use CONNX with the IS JDBC Adapter? I assume you copied the required jars to the webm_home/lib/jars folder, restarted the server and attempted to create an adapter connection.

What errors do you see when you attempt to enable the adapter connection?

What did the alias look like using the deprecated WmDB package?


Using WMDB:
Connection string: jdbc:connx:DD=MyDataSource;Gateway=MyConnxServer;Port=7500
Driver class: com.Connx.jdbc.TCJdbc.TCJdbcDriver

I tried to find the equivalent of oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource in CONNX driver classes (a class implementing javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource) but I couldn’t find one. It seems that the latest version (v10) includes it, I haven’t tried yet.

Anyway webMethods support told me that the CONNX driver is not compatible with WmJdbcAdapter, so I will have to use WMDB…

Hmmm. Did support have a better alternative than using the WmDB adapter? Is there another solution besides CONNX that might work? Seems pretty weak to recommend WmDB given its diminished role in the universe.


Support didn´t give us any alternative…
Actually they told us that the WmJdbcAdapter is sopported only for the DB and drivers listed in the JDBC driver installation guide. And there is no driver to connect to Digital Cobol with RMS files on Open VMS.

Well, you have to admit, that’s probably not a request that WM gets on anything like a regular basis.

You could put the CONNX jars in the IS Server lib\jars folder and write a java service to access the data. Possible, but perhaps more work that you want to do.

Any chance there are SOAP / web services libraries for Digital COBOL?