JDBC Adapter Notifications in Cluster

Hi All,

I am currently running into a problem with adapter notifications on a clustered enviornment. I have a number of jdbc adapter connections on each node in a cluster. When I try and enable each adapter with a co-ordination type of distributed then I get the following error…

[ART.116.3038] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Error in Notification Callback:enableCallback notification
Package Name. package
[ADA.1.316] Cannot execute the SQL statement “CREATE TABLE (xxxx int, xxxxx varchar(50), xxxx varchar(50), xxxx varchar(256), xxxx int, xxxx decimal(15,2), xxxx datetime NULL, xxxx varchar(18), xxxx datetime NULL, xxxx varchar(40), xxxxx varchar(40), xxxx varchar(40), xxxx int, xxxx NULL, xxxx numeric(9) xxxx, xxxx numeric(14))”. "
(42S01/2714) [wm-cjdbc33-0009][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]There is already an object named ‘WMB_N1_ba333jn’ in the database."
[wm-cjdbc33-0009][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]There is already an object named ‘WMB_N1_ba333jn’ in the database.

I am aware that this was an issue in 6.1 that was addressed by IS6.1 Fix 6. But we are running IS6.5.

Has anybody come across this issue in 6.5?

The JDBC Adapter documentation states:

"JDBC Adapter notifications are not supported in Integration Server clusters. Only a single instance of a given notification can be enabled at a time."
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I have also read the following:

This addendum supplements the [/size][/font][FONT=PalatinoLinotype-Italic][SIZE=2]webMethods JDBC Adapter User’s Guide [/size][/font]and provides
information about the IS_6
[FONT=PalatinoLinotype-Roman][SIZE=2]1_Fix6. This fix enables the coordinated execution of polling
notifications within a webMethods Integration Server cluster. The fix provides the ability
to enable multiple instances of the same polling notification in your cluster, and to
coordinate their schedules and execution.

Confused !


My bad. I missed the addendum document in the docs directory.

What’s the setting for the callbackScheme? Doc says it must be 1.

callback setting is 1 on both nodes for clusterproperties.cnf.

In the cluster properties.cnf everything is also set to distribute for the runtimeModeLimit

Sounds like maybe a ticket with wM tech support is the way to go.