JDBC notification Cluster Settings


Where can i read more about coordination mode in cluster settings of a polling notification?

I see there are two option to be selected in coordination mode …standBy and Disabled…How do they differ?


Hi Divya,

this information can be found in the JDBC_Adapter_Install_and_Users_Guide in the Chapter about Adapter Notifications.

I provide an extract from this guide here as the regular documentation base is currently not available:

Standby Mode and Distributed Mode

You can configure a polling notification to run in either Standby or Distributed mode.
You can also configure additional settings for clustered polling notifications.

In Standby mode, a particular instance of a polling notification will execute the
notification according to its configured schedule. When you start the cluster, the polling
notification that executes the first scheduled run is considered to be the primary
notification. This instance will continue to execute the scheduled runs as long as it is
enabled and fully functional. If at any time this notification becomes disabled, another
notification in the cluster will assume control. The notification that assumes control is
arbitrary. After a notification has control, it will continue to execute the schedule for as
long as it is enabled and fully functional.

In Distributed mode, any instance of the polling notification can execute the currently
scheduled run. The notification that executes the current scheduled run is arbitrary. If a
notification does not complete executing within the amount of time specified in the Max
Process Time field, the system considers that notification to be "dead." (For details about
Max Process Time, see "Notification-Specific Settings" on page.) Another (enabled) instance
in the cluster will recognize this situation and will attempt to execute the scheduled run.

Note: Integration Server provides support for duplicate document detection in a cluster
using its publication and subscribe facility. For details about configuring this facility, see
the Integration Server publish-subscribe developer’s guide for your release. See “About
this Guide” for specific document titles.


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