JDBC Adapter Notification Issue

I have created a JDBC adapter notification, and on trying to enable it, I get the following error.

[ART.116.3038] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Error in Notification Callback:enableCallback notification .
[ADA.1.316] Cannot execute the SQL statement “CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX WMBIORGblz4w50_WM_ROWID on BCMMGR.WMBIORGblz4w50 (WM_ROWID)”. "
(S0001/1911) Column name ‘WM_ROWID’ does not exist in the target table or view."
Column name ‘WM_ROWID’ does not exist in the target table or view.

I checked with DB Admin, the user used as full access.

JDBC Adapter version 6.5
IS version

Hi Gautam,

was the buffer table created?

Which Fixes for ART and JDBC Adapter do you have applied?



This is an insert notification, thus the buffer table should be created once we try to enable the notification.

The following fixes are applied for JDBC


Hi Gautam,

can you provide some screen shots of your Notification for reference, please?

It might be neccessary to clean up the database schema from the partially created notification objects before trying to enable for a second try.

Usually the Polling Notifications consists of 3 objects:
A buffer table
A sequence
A trigger which copies the data from the original table to the buffer table using the sequence for its unique indentifier.

Which database type and version are you using?

Latest Fixes for the components mentioned:


With the help of DBA can you directly check BCMMGR.WMBIORGblz4w50 if the missing column exists or not. Insert notification must create automatically however you can create it manually sometimes.

Also share your Adapter Notification Settings from Designer.


I am trying to Configure JDBC adapter to Webmethods 9.9, However, when i use to login to http://localhost:5555/
under adapters it gives me None available.
Could you please help me for this.
waiting for your response.

Thanks in advance

Hi Surabhi ,

Please make sure the JDBC Adapter is installed correctly . If no Adapters are installed then it shows nothing under Adapters menu.


please check if the package WmJDBCAdapter is available under Packages → Management and if it has any loading issues if it exists.
Check Server log and/or error log for details.


Please make sure you have installed JDBC adapter correctly, if yes, make sure WmJDBCAdapter package is enabled or not.