JDBC ADapter Issue


I have upgraded from 8.2 to 9.7.

I am using XA transaction in queering Oracle DB. But i am getting the error message as

com.wm.pkg.art.error.DetailedSystemException: [ART.117.4012] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to run adapter service. Error occurred when connecting to resource FLSPLMDocument_v1.Connections:PLMDocument.
[ART.118.5053] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to get a connection to resource FLSPLMDocument_v1.Connections:PLMDocument.
[SCC.126.109] Failed to enlist transaction resources from connection FLSPLMDocument_v1.Connections:PLMDocument(5). Transaction will be aborted.

But the same connection is working in 8.2 with same DB details.

Karthikeyan S

Make sure you are on the latest fix levels for JDBC Adapter. BTW what is your JDBC Adapter version?

Can you confirm your DB flavour?

Adding more info.

For 6.5 - JDBC_6.5_Fix51 - JDBC_6.5_Fix51 - 4/30/2015 latest fix level

For 9.0 - JDBC_9.0_Fix3 - JDBC_9.0_Fix3 - 8/26/2015

Hi Karthikeyan,

which version of Oracle DB are you using?

Which driver (type and version) are you using?

Can you share the connection details (except hostname, port, databaseName, user of course)?


Adding more info. Latest fix levels are below

For 6.5 - JDBC_6.5_Fix51 -

For 9.0 - JDBC_9.0_Fix3 -

This issue might also due to Oracle driver limitation, which is directly related to the Oracle back-end database driver.


I am using JDBC Adapter version 6.5 and fix JDBC_6.5_Fix50

The connection details

Transaction Type XA_TRANSACTION
DataSource Class oracle.jdbc.xa.client.OracleXADataSource
Other Properties driverType=thin

Connection Management Properties

Enable Connection Pooling true
Minimum Pool Size 1
Maximum Pool Size 10
Pool Increment Size 1
Block Timeout (msec) 1000
Expire Timeout (msec) 1000
Startup Retry Count 0
Startup Backoff Timeout (sec) 10

we are using ojdbc7.jar and IS version is 9.7.

Oracle Version:Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit.

The issue occurs only when i am using XA transaction.

Karthikeyan S

Hi Karthikeyan,

configuration sounds good so far except for the MinPoolSize.
This should be set to 0 to avoid stale connections in the pool.

As ojdbc7.jar has been introduced with Oracle 12c this driver should fit.
The driver version can be found in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF inside the jar.
The Jar can opened with any ZIP-compliant program like Jar (From Java) or 7Zip.

Update to the latest Fixes:
JDBC_9.0_Fix4 has just been released by SAG.


Hi Holger,

I am using JDBC Adapter 6.5 version. so whether i need to update the latest fix JDBC_6.5_Fix51.

The IS Core fix for 9.7 is missing. Whether might be this the reason for the issue?

Karthikeyan S

Hi Karthikeyan,

I dont think so but might be worth a try.

As per readme for JDBC_6.5_Fix51 there is no information regarding XA-Connections.

Additionally you should check for fixes for the ART section.

Latest Fixes available:

  • IS_9.7_Core_Fix5
  • WAR_9.7_Fix1



Make sure you are always on the latest fix levels of IS core and JDBC Adapter. If the issue still exists see below:

This is not related to the wM Adapter but an Oracle driver limitation, which is directly related to the Oracle backend database driver.

Try with the ojdbc6.jar

Hi Karthikeyan,

you might want to try an ojdbc6.jar fro Oracle 11g (there is no ojdbc7.jar for Oracle 11g).

The number in the name of the jar indicates the java version for which the jar was build.

ojdbc6.jar is for Java 6 and ojdbc7.jar is for Java 7.

As all IntegrationServers for wM 9.x are running in a JVM 7 there should not be a problem while using an ojdbc7.jar.