JDBC adapter for SQL server 2000 (Driver 3.0 version)

Hi Guys,

Hmm this information is not in Webmethods documentation so was wondering to share to you folks, the datasource class name should be used to connect to MS SQL Server 2000 with microsoft jdbc driver version 3.0 as 2.x is not available for downloading from MS site.

Datasource Class name : com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDataSource.

Specially if you working on Wm 8.x, JVM 1.6 does not support sqljdbc.jar driver and ask for JDBC driver type 4, so please use sqljdbc4.jar.

Note: Place sqljdbc4.jar in IS/lib/jars direcotry.


Hi Devexpert,

Yes, you are right, am also using wM8 version , four months back i got problem using sqljdbc.jar, i got error message that JVM 1.6 doesnot support sqljdbc.jar SQL Server 2000 with microsoft jdbc driver , than i used sqljdbc4.jar, than it is supporting.

Anil Kumar ellendula