JDBC Adapter - error passing variables


i am making an UPDATESQL in webMethods 6.5.

IF i hardcode the value in the UpdateSQL, it works fine.

when i try to pass 2 variables in the UpdateSQL, nothing happens in the database, no update.

My SQL : UPDATE xtable SET environment = ‘variable1’ WHERE branchplant = ‘variable2’

My steps:

made an adapter with the above mentioned SQL,

created a flow service, with 2 inputs as environment and branchplant.

Can anyone help me please?

Just a hint: If the output datatype for the two vairiables is other than ‘String’, then your input should be first converted to that type and then mapped.

Thank you tgunasekhar. I thought the problem was with the inputs, but in fact it was with the databasse values, they had lots of spaces. then i changed the sql to LIKE. it works.