JDBC adapter not executing the Oracle Procedure

Hi Guys,
I have a Oracle Update Procedure for which I have created an JDBC adapapter service under webMethods. When I give values to the procedure through the Adapter service the Adapter executes the Procedure and gives Positive result (say 1 for updated ). But when I call that adapter service in an other flowservice and pass the values gives me negative value ( -1 means falied).

But there is a twist. Whne I hard code the input values of the adapter service under a flow service I get Positive result. BUt when I pass by creating a Link fails. Can anyone of you help in this matter. Urgent


Please check if there is any issue with the input doc u created to pass the values to adapter service in the wrapper service. This might look silly but may be a cause.You can even cross check by writting select adapter to make sure if the update happened when u use the adpater serice in a wrapper( this is only for testing purpose).

you said u tried by harding values rght, is that to the input doc of wrapper service or to the input of the adapter service which is been called in the wrapper service ?

Good luck!


Hi Raghavi,
Thanks for the reply. This issue was addressed long time ago.


Just out of curiosity , what was the exact solution u applied?


They actually 2 solutions applied.

  1. we applied Hard mapping. rather than draging the map between the fields
  2. Some how values in the input fields to the procedure were having empty spaces. We applied Trim transformer to remove the empty spaces for every fields.