JDBC 6.0.3 Updates to Oracle 9i database failing...

I am trying to update an Oracle 9i field using either an UpdateSQL or a CustomSQL and getting unexpected results. (I am using the latest Developer - Version 6.1 (132).)

What I ORIGINALLY was trying to do with CustomSQL was…

UPDATE user.table SET ? = SYSDATE WHERE output_form_id = ?

where the first parameter was a column name. This failed immediately with an invalid column name error. To test further I changed the SQL to…

UPDATE user.table SET process_begin_date = SYSDATE WHERE output_form_id = ?

This resulted in the Developer “Running ‘myAdapterService’” window with the “Running…” process bar scanning right and left continuously. (Over an hour now.) When I changed to try the UpdateSQL service it behaves exactly the same way.

What is problematic is that I can update the same field in the same table by invoking a stored procedure that accomplishes the same task. (Seems to eliminate permission issues.)

My questions are these:

Why can’t I use an input variable to specify a table column?

What would make the update run forever, and/or how do I debug this behavior?



I advise you to use the dynamic SQL template for your purpose.

then it should be no problem at all


After struggling with the documentation on DynamicSQLs, I finally got this to work.