JDBC Adapter ART1174036


I’ve noticed weird behaviour of the JDBC adapter. Namely, I create adapter services based on the StoredProcedure JDBC adapter service template. And the above (“unable to rollback transaction”) error appears, and appears it is a severe error (appears occasionally).

I’ve read much of the posts on the subject and most guys suggest it is because the transaction is not committed properly. However, I’ve made some tests and the error remains. First, I wrote a Java service A where the startTransaction, JDBC adapter service B, and commitTransaction were called (and the rollbackTransaction in case of an exception) (through Service.doInvoke) - the problem remained. I made then the adapter service B chached, and the whole Java service A appeared to fail just once - subsequent calls succeded until the cache was cleared. After the JDBC adapter service B cache was cleared a new error showed up “The pool doesn’t have a connection” as if the former failure didn’t return the connection into the pool.

I’ve tried almost everything, the thing is I need to use JDBC adapter services because of the procedures I call return (REF) cursors and need to do it inside Java services. Furthermore, I use 6.0.1 IS and Oracle 8.1.6-7 (the same is for 9i databases). I’ve installed all of the servicepacks for IS and really going crazy of the problem.

Please, help.