JD Edwards%92s

Hi all

Idon’t know about the JD Edwards’s,People soft, AS/400.

What is these three. I don’t know about these. My current project is
IDOC’s r send to JD Edwards.

Pls give information about these three.



Ravi, you ever hear of something called “Google”? I know its sort of new but you might want to check it out anyway.


So i understand your project is for SAP(IDOC’s)-JDEdwards Integration related.webMethods supports and provided both (B2b,EAI)Adapters to integrate the systems.Please go thru the Adapter userguide pdf’s from Advantage.webmethods.com and also search in their corporate sites as well as google(best resource)for getting more information about these products.

If you have any techinical questions related to Adapters/process/integration,users will help you for some extent.



There are 2 JDE ERP systems that you may be referring to: 1) World, which is an old green-screen application that runs exclusively on the AS/400, and 2) OneWorld, also known as EnterpriseOne, which is a client server application that runs on a variety of platforms, including the AS/400.

There is webMethods support for both systems, but you need to get clear which you are dealing with.