JCE cannot authenticate the provider BC


Am facing the security error at run time when i dealing with bouncycastle encrytion and decryption.

I have been placed below listed jar file inside the package (\code\jars)

then i compiled the java service. when i try to run the wrapper service am getting this “com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: java.lang.SecurityException: JCE cannot authenticate the provider BC” error

Please advise me to resolve this error

Did you restart server or reloaded the package after installing the jars?

Also try put this jar file in the IntegrationServer/lib folder as well and restart the IS.

Give it a shot:



Thanks for your Quick commants.
I had done the primary action after placing the Jars and more over am able to compile the service.while rum time am facing this issue.

  • erlier, I laid the jars into IntegrationServer/lib directory and i checked it was working fine.But my case not be like that . I have to place the jar inside the package.

why we want to place the jar inside the package? because it is easy to migrate the package in different environment.

with regards,
Balamurugan K

So you removed those jars from lib? and now it didn’t worked after you moved it to the package level?

Normally all the custom jars should be placed in the IS classpath to make the classes/methods available server/client side not only with that specific package as a whole.

yes I removed those jars from Integrationserver/lib directory…

I want to achieve this is in package level… so please advise me

You got to keep trying which ever location jars work and its not mandatory if you keep the jars in the particular package works or not…

What attempts you did after putting those jars in the package level?

I have reloaded the package and i try to run the service.

If you still getting the error then the option is store the jar file in the IS lib and restart the server for ready usage:

Thanks RMG i’ll do it accordingly

Not a problem!